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Vegas Swingers is once again bringing you the opportunity for a FREE Vegas Swingers  party at the exclusive and beautiful Foundation Room.  FREE to all who register for the party on Kasidie.   Compliments of Kasidie and Vegas Insiders Sinful XPressions & VegasVIP.   This sexy, upscale Meet and Greet will have our own private area. The Las Vegas Foundation Room provides breath-taking view of the Las Vegas Strip from high atop the Mandalay Bay. One of the most exclusive clubs in town, you are not likely to find Foundation Room in any cheesy travel brochure. This lounge, a part of the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, is mostly reserved for private events or members only access.

This is a Kasidie exclusive event for Vegas Swingers and any curious and open-minded couples who would like to experience the best that Las Vegas has to offer!  We will have a private entrance and it is a complete Kasidie takeover!  Meet the sexiest couples in Las Vegas in a relaxed, private venue that you will remember for year’s to come!

You don’t necessarily have to be a swinger to attend, but you do need to register on Kasidie.  Free Vegas Swingers Party at Foundation Room

Click here for all of the party details, and to create a Kasidie account.  No credit card needed! The owners of Kasidie, Scott and Nicoleta will be there too!   If you miss this exclusive, free Vegas Swingers party, then we still strongly recommend joining Kaisidie.  There are currently over 475 swingers parties, meet and greets, club events, and private house parties listed on Kasidie!

Free Vegas Swingers Party! Iniquity Pink Party Free for Kasidie Members!

Free Vegas Swingers party!

When was the last time you heard about a FREE Swingers party in Las Vegas?  Iniquity , also know as Heaven Las Vegas is throwing their very popular Pink Party or Pinkparty.  Iniquity has some of the sexiest and most exciting Swingers parties in Las Vegas and Saturday May 28th they are allowing ALL Kasidie members to get in FREE!  You can get a FREE ELITE Membership to Kasidie by clicking here!

The Pink Party is being held on the roof of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club and Iniquity partiers get free access to all 3 levels of the club!  This is a Vegas Swingers party that you don’t want to miss!  If you are visting Vegas and want to experience the swingers life, then you have to go to this party!

If you miss this Iniquity Party, don’t worry. They host Vegas swingers parties every month or 2 and have often times let Kasidie members get in free. You can See ALL current Vegas Swingers parties listed on Kasidie!
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Vegas Swingers and Swingers visiting Las Vegas LOVE Single men!

Vegas Swingers and Single Men - Single males welcome in VegasVegas swingers, and swingers everywhere, love single women and especially the mythical Unicorn (Bisexual woman who loves to play with couples), but the fact is many swingers who visit Las Vegas love single men and are interested in fulfilling a MFM fantasy, or even a gang bang while visiting Sin City.  We know several single men who live in Las Vegas and enjoy sexual encounters and hot threesomes with a new couple every week or two.  One of the great things about being a local Las Vegas swinger is that there is always a steady stream of new swingers visiting town and looking for a decadent and memorable swinging experience.

There are also many single or married men who visit Las Vegas and enjoy the benefits of all of the couples who like to do things in Vegas that they would never do in their own hometown.  Las Vegas has a large local swingers population and probably has more visiting swingers every week than anywhere else in the world.  Cheers to that!  If you are interested in MFM, MMMMMMF, or any other sexual experiences then the original Sin City is a great place to make your fantasies come true!

If you are a single male, or unhappily married, and want to be a swinger, or just love the idea of having a lot of casual sex with young hot women then Fling may be the greatest place in the world.  We have 4 male friends that we know of the have become Fling addicts.  They are going out with 2 or 3 new women every single week, and they end up in bed with almost EVERY ONE of them.  if we weren’t having so much fun swinging as a couple we might be jealous of all of the pussy they are getting.  They call Fling Fuckbook…  Wow!  being single is so much different than it was 20 years ago!

If you are a sexy couple who loves to treat the woman to an extra special treat or enjoy the Hotwife or cuckold / interracial lifestyle, or if you really enjoy threesomes with very sexy, fit, hot men, then Kasidie is a great place to find them.

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Vegas Swingers Myth or Reality?

Are there really as many Vegas Swingers as people think?  Do a lot of “vanilla” couples really take the plunge and have sex with other people, and open their marriage to swinging when they visit Las Vegas?  The answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES!  Las Vegas has a very large swingers population.  Some of the hottest, sexiest, naughtiest swingers parties in the world are held in Sin City on a weekly basis.  There is also a very high percentage of hot, young, sexy swingers who live in or visit Vegas primarily because of the hot VIP style swingers parties.  Click here to get access to a list of the hottest swingers parties in Vegas.
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The real question is, how do you find these Vegas swingers and sexy Vegas Swingers parties?  Many people go to Vegas just expecting to meet other hot couples and singles who are wanting a great sexual experience to top off their vacation.  Sometimes it even works.  There really are a lot of couples that come here wanting to have a threesome for the first time with a hot girl, or a husband that really wants to watch his wife get pleasured by another man, or even by multiple men.  There are even quite a few single women looking for a little girl / girl fun.  But there are SO MANY more times that a couple comes to Vegas looking for their ideal swinging experience and goes home very disappointed.

There is no reason for that to happen and we would love to be the ones that help you avoid it.  The secret to a great Vegas Swingers experience is being able to see profiles and pictures of real Vegas swingers who LOVE to party with couples and singles who are visiting town and wanting to embrace their naughtier side.  For those that love swingers parties ( and we certainly do) you need to be on a ‘Real” swingers site that list all of the hottest real swingers parties.  These Vegas Swingers parties are open to all couples who post their profile as attending the party.  The kicker is that you need a profile!  In our opinion there is only one website to join if you want an unforgettable Vegas swingers experience.  Our outright favorite for Vegas swingers is Kasidie Plays Well With Others.

Kasidie was started by real Vegas swingers who live and party in Las Vegas.  There are hundreds of real Vegas swingers who are literally just waiting for your email.  Most of them LOVE to entertain visitors.  The owners of Kasidie (Scott and the beautiful and sexy Nicoletta) throw some of the most amazing swinger parties in Las Vegas and they keep it very reasonable priced.  You can even see exactly who, and how many will be attending each party.  We love to arrange our Vegas time around some of the best swinger parties and we always email back and forth with a few new Vegas couples and meet them for drinks and usually much more. 

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The free membership will allow you to see all of the party listings and will even allow you top attend some of them.  It will also allow you to see the profiles of real swingers.  This is not even close to the “fake swingers” sites that are out there that are really just porn sites.  These are authentic swingers who want to meet.  Create your own profile and you will see what we mean very quickly.  If you want to email other couples and actually have people notice and respoond to you, you will need an elite membership.  Kasidie is one of the least expensive real swingers sites on the web.  Kasidie is a dream come true for anyone who wants to explore the swingers lifestyle on their trip to Vegas.  You are already going to spend plenty of money in Vegas.  There is no better money that could be spent to make sure that you really have the time of your life!  Start with a free account if you need to, and make the most of your time in Sin City!

Visit Kasidie’s official site.          No credit card needed to create your account.  Classy, sexy Couples, and hot single women and men!

Las Vegas Swinger Parties

Welcome to Vegas Swingers, Insider info on all of the best swinger parties and swingers clubs in Las Vegas.  Many hot couples decide to try swinging when they visit Vegas.  Get the insider info from real Vegas Swingers.   It seems that everyone wants to have one of theose “What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas”  swinger experiences.   There are many great swinger parties and swinger clubs and 100’s of real swinger couples here in Vegas, but there are also a lot of tourist traps and flat out time and money wasters.

If you really want to have a true VIP Vegas swingers experience on your trip here to the smoking hot desert then you need to get the inside info on the Vegas Swingers scene by real swingers who love to party in this deliciously sinful City!  Thank you for visiting us.  We will give you our honest unbiased opinions on the best Vegas Swingers parties!  Please say Hi, or leave a comment!